Hello, so I've been fiddling around with my XP inside Parallels again and I ran into a problem. Simply put, the virtual windows system doesn't recognize my microphone. I have looked into the virtual machine configuration and set the audio to enabled and selected to use the build in microphone ... i thought nice, simple enough ... but when I try to use the mic inside windows, it doesn't work. (I should mention that it works fine inside Mac OS).

It's not a magor problem for me, nevertheles I was a bit disappointed ... I just wanted to use an older version of Ventrillo along with a game I know ventrilo is also for mac, but only in the new version. (also tried using the old version through darwine, but that didnt seem to work wither)

any1 have a similar problem or any ideas? are there maybe aditional drivers available for me to install in my virtual windows?