So this seems so easy but I have spent over a week trying to figure out a "automated" way of doing this and I cant find one

I download multiple podcasts one of them is Tiesto's weekly podcast now if you play them in iTunes or even Windows Media player there are some predefined splits in the podcast. The podcast is his latest music mix, but each split in the podcast is the start of a song that he has mixed.

All is well but my car doesnt read the iTunes music format and only reads MP3's which is fine so I go and get a m4a to mp3 converter... however shock horror (well not actually ) it has taken the whole podcast and made it a hour and half song....... so if I want to get to song 3 - with the podcast I just hit FWD three times and I am there with the MP3 I have to wait 20min's before I can get there .....

So after that long explanation I guess my question is... does anyone know of software that can pick up the splits in the podcast and make each split a separate MP3?

I have tools that you can read the whole file and then you can choose where to split the song but that's loads of admin and would of thought someone would have built something cool that I could use that would auto split each of the podcasts splits into a separate MP3 file.

I appreciate any help!