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Thread: Limewire for Mac

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    Limewire for Mac
    Sorry is this is the wrong place to post this topic. I was recently trying to download Limewire for my Mac-free or pay either I will take. I have a PB G4 from 2004 that is running Mac OSX 10.5.6. I tried to get Limewire, but it's for Macs with the 64 bit Intel...however, mine is not equipped with Intel. The reason my wouldn't run it, I believe, is because I don't have the most updated version of Java-I think I have 1.5 and I need 1.6 at least. Is there any way I can get Limewire with what I have, or possibly even update my Java?!?! PLEASE help!


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    The latest Limewire is Intel only, and it seems thay do not offer an older version for PowerPC

    But there is an alternative - Official Website - Download Free P2P BitTorrent/Gnutella Client - No Subscriptions, Just Download and Install
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    awesome! well...almost awesome, I wish I could get Limewire, but I'm surely going to give this one a try. Thanks so much!

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