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    Best way to migrate iTunes Library
    Hi all,

    I bought an ibook over a year ago to see if I could work with the mac os and generally to think about switching for real - full time. Well the time has come, I added more memory, bigger h'disks and purchased a 40GB ipod and now my ibook need to be replaced... with a G5 Powermac. So guess what, I bought one and a nice 20inch flat screen as well. While I'm waiting for it to arrive I'm thinking about how I'm going to migrate my iTunes library and all my docs and stuff. I think I've got most thinks covered but don't know the best way to move my iTunes stuff over.

    Does anyone have any ideas that they could put my way?

    Many thanks in advance


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    I say either firewire or use your ipod, to transfer all your music.

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    do you let itunes to manage all your song files...cause if you do you could take the whole music folder and just over write it on your G5 then when you load itunes it should pick it back up

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    connect two computers with firewire, restart iBook in target mode (hold down "T" key during startup), copy the contents of your music folder (all folders and files) on iBook to music folder on G5. don't forger the "itunes music library" file. you will be asked weather you want to replace old files with new, click "replace". when copying is done launch iTunes. if you did everything right, all your playlists will be kept the way you had on iBook.

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    Yep Apple has created Target mode just for your purpose, do exactly what Mac-simus said and you'll be good to go.

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    Thanks everyone for your help. When my lovely new G5 arrives I'll get straight to it.

    Thanks once again.


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