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    Hello, got a new macbook pro yesterday and so far i am enjoying it. One small thing is getting to me, i am bringing all my music in on a memory stick, i have no idea in which folder to place it. there is no 'my music' like on windows which holds the music for every applicaton and music player. Also as a DJ, on my software (vdj) i like to have a list of artists on the side, then click on them to open up tracks or even a selection of albums. Wacking them into itunes seems the best way, but then again i dont know which folder to put them in. What i did was make a new folder called dj in the music folder (where garageband and itunes folders are) and put it all there. However it didnt come up in itunes, so i when into itunes and import music blah blah, however doing this import proccess seemed to use more and more memory from my mac's hd. leading me to my next question, if i have the mp3 of a song called .... 'test1' and i had it in this DJ folder and in a few other folders, does this increase the memory it takes or ? Very lost here on somthing very simple.

    Please help, Thanks in advance.

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    You are close. You put the music in the folder, but iTunes doesn't know where you put it. The easiest way is to Add to Library (Before you do this, go to iTunes > Preferences > Advanced, and make sure the box next to "copy files to iTunes library" is checked.) One easy way to get your music in is to open iTunes, and at the top go to File>Add to Library. Once you do this, you will be able to open a folder, or command click, or press shift and down arrow to select all your music files and folders. Once you click choose, iTunes will import all of the files you selected, and try to organize them based on the info provided. You repeat this process for each time you reload the drive (depending on how many songs you have). When iTunes finishes importing, the files will be stored in a path that will resemble the following (based on your hard drive name, and user name. MacBook HD>Users>Your Name>Music>iTunes>iTunes Music>Jimmy Buffet

    This process will take up memory, unless you plan on leaving them on the flash drive and playing them from there. Each artist should have their own folder, and inside that there should be the album and inside that is the song. I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any trouble, I can try to give a better description. Also, if what I say doesn't work, try searching on here, or on the Apple support website. Both are excellent resources with much greater knowledge than myself.
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