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    Use line in as a second output (NI Tractor)
    I use NI Tractor for playback of MP3 tracks at friends partys etc, however i do not have an external s/c anymore, so just the built in output is available.

    I met a guy last week who had converted his Line in jack on the macbook to run as an out, so essentially he has headphones out acting as his preview so he could cue tracks and his Line in acting as his output to the amps and club speaker system,

    I didnt get a chance to ask him how he did this and cant work it out myself

    Anyone know how to do this?



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    I can't help you sorry but would love to see an answer to this post as it is something I have been trying to do for a while myself!

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    Not need an audio interface to preview/cue your incoming track...and the interface will have RCA outputs for stereo audio quality - which you connect to a mixer/stereo or whatever you are using for external sound..

    I use Traktor Pro and the Audio 8 DJ interface but there are less expensive interfaces like the M-audio fasttrack pro.

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