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    Wireless Microphone System

    I recently acquired an iMac so I'm still learning my way around the Apple world. I also just purchased the UHF 5800 Voco Pro Wireless Microphone System. I would like to be able to connect this system to my iMac. We go to a Web site called Singsnap where you can stream karaoke songs. We'd like to be able to sing along with the songs and hear our output (music and singing through the microphones) through our external speakers. We don't need to record anything or do something professional. We'd just like to be able to use this site and the microphones as an at home karaoke option.

    Any feedback/suggestions would be greatly appreciated! We've connected the microphones through an Icicle and didn't get any results. The line in input worked fine but no sound through the output. Also, we have our computer hooked up to a Bose Lifestyle system so all sound goes through our surround sound. Thanks!

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    I have just the application for you! LineIn can take audio input and play it through your speakers. I use it to play my iPod's audio through my MBP all the time.

    With Surround Sound, there will be some serious feedback.

    Hope that helps!

    17" MacBook Pro, OSX 10.6.2 Snow Leopard

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    This worked like a charm! Thank you so much!!!

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