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    Mac music mixer?
    i was wondering if there was a software, where i can get my music from my itunes, and take bits and peices of different songs, and put them together to make on song, if there is please reply with the website where i can download it, or the name of the software so i can buy it thanks

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    You mean like making a mash-up...??? Ableton Live is the best for this. You can go to the website and download the demo. Keep in mind you will need some tutorial training to use this but there are tutorials within the program itself.

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    I play around with audacity and you can get it HERE

    Have a look HERE for a run down on how to import your music from itunes

    And last but not least look at the TUTORIALS for help or HERE for a mashup lesson ......

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    or try GarageBand, is good for beginners

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    ultra mixer 2.3.8

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