Hi Guys, Im new around here

Im really struggling with this problem, Im trying to sync up the mpc 1000 to logic pro, for mixing my beats down, and adding effects and vocals, but i just cant get it right

Ive been on youtube, ive been on mpc forums, there seems to be so many different methods, but none of them are working for me,

Im struggling with getting the settings on the mpc right, and then theres the daunting task of trying to set logic up,

Ive tried everything, Just dosent seem to be working,

Ive got to the stage, were pressing play on logic, would trigger the play button on the Mpc, But I cant hear any sound coming through from the mpc to logic,

also, the when i hit record, the mpc starts in record mode, but the logic dosent budge

Anyone have any idea how to sort this, Anybody with a simular set up