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    iTunes Automatic Information...?
    Is there any way I can get iTunes to automatically retrieve movie/tv show information such as episode number and season number depending on the file name? Plex does this, I'm just curious if there's any application to do this with iTunes, because I hate manually renaming each episode and setting the season number and all that. I would also be pleased if there was something that could do this with music info also.

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    Well if you bay your movie/tv shows directly from the iTunes store they are included with all the info.

    In my Movies, I have ripped movies, Simsons episode, and short movie from youtube. The information is minimal but the key to get the Info about the show is to reacher when the show came from and Insert it manually.
    There might be softwear to orginize them, but Ive never heard of it..

    Music is my forte. I canno't stand my libary being deorginized!
    Again, you can do manual reacherch like i do ( - Listen to free music with internet radio and the largest music catalogue online-a great resource!)

    Their is also an application that dose this for youTuneUp | Digital Music Management and Music Discovery for iTunes

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    Yeah, I have a bunch of dvds of tv shows and movies, and all I want to do is not insert all of that stuff in manually, so if anyone any software that can do that, speak up.

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    Right click a song and select "Get CD Track Names". It's not perfect but it does a decent job of getting most info.
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