I record a podcast every week and I used to use Garageband 2008, I think version 4.1.2 or something it was slick and fast on my G5 1.8Mhz with 3 gigs of memory, but now with Garageband 2009 it lags and is very slow to respond to my commands.

Is this normal? I know my computer is a little outdated, but I am not even trying to do that much with the program. The lesson thing is not needed and magic garageband is boring after playing with it for twenty minutes. I just wanted to know if anyone else is running GB 09 and having the same problem. GB 08 was fast and responded quickly to everything I wanted to do, but now I feel as though my computer is working through ten pounds of molasses.

Besides my computer being older than the hills, I am just wondering why GB 09 should work so much slower than my 08 version. Perhaps it would be worth it for me to revert back to the old version of GB if this is a problem with others as well. Just goes to show you that just cause the program is new, doesn't mean it's better.