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Thread: Backing up iPod to iTunes

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    Backing up iPod to iTunes
    Hi all,

    This is my first post here so apologies if this is in the wrong place.

    I am buying a 15" Macbook Pro this weekend to replace my ailing G4 iBook. At present the music on my iPod (nearly 60gb!) is not backed up on the iBook due to lack of hard drive and as such it is not currently possible to back it up to an external drive.

    I need to take all the songs off my iPod and put them on the new Mac this weekend and am wondering about the best and most reliable way to do this - I have used iPodRip in the past but have heard of CopyPod and Senuti also - are these my only options? When it is all on the Macbook Pro it will be simple to back it up on my external drive.

    All advice gratefully received!

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    Senuti or yamipod are the best of the bunch IMHO

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    thanks, Senuti looks like the best bet - is it necessary to purchase it to back up the large amount of music I need to back up?

    A small price to pay if it is anyway...

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