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    Jun 03, 2008
    Can't transfer my music to new computer
    I just used the Migration Assistant to transfer my itunes music to my new computer. I went through and unchecked everything except for the itunes library. It said it would be 18 gigs. I hit OK, and in a fraction of a second it was done -and did NOTHING. I don't know if I lost 18 gigs or what, but I am sure I selected the itunes library. Do I need to migrate something else for this to work?? I want everything from scratch except my itunes!

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    Jun 03, 2008
    it says the user account of my other computer is the same name is the new one. So I choose "don't transfer user account". Maybe that's the problem?
    I don't want to transfer another user account though so what choice do I have? This doesn't make sense.

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