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    itunes song info editing problem
    Iv just transferred my Itunes library from my old mac to me new one, all songs are here no problem but around around 10% of albums have no artwork, which they did have on my old mac, and more worryingly i seem to have zero privileges when it comes to editing song names, volume adjustments and manual adding of album artwork. All fields appear in grey and are unresponsive when i go to edit.

    Any ideas?

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    I think it could be the size of the songs because I had a song that was a .wav and 53 mbs and it wouldn't allow me to do anything with the artwork. Try seeing what the format the songs are then try converting them in Itunes.

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    Sadly artwork never transfers over fully for some reason. It's to do with where iTunes stores the data.
    Have you tried consolidating your iTunes library?
    Also it may be worth you running a permissions check in Disk Utility.
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