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    converting itunes to wav or mp3
    i have an Oakley Thump i'd like to put my itunes song on, but i need to convert my itunes to the above format which Thumps use.... i have macs and pcs, but prefer to use the macs for this since most of my songs are on the itunes on these computers... any help? (kind of upset me that i bought the songs and should be able to play them on whatever player i have!) thanks in advance...renee

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    If you're talking about music purchased from the iTunes music store, you're out of luck. You're only legal hope is to upgrade the songs through iTunes Plus to get non-DRM'd songs.

    If you are just talking about AAC (unprotected) songs in your library, go to Preferences > General > "Import Settings..." > "Import Using:" > change to "MP3 Encoder". Once this is done, right click a song and select "Create MP3 Version".
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