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    transferring ipod playlist to itunes
    so, say i have a playlist on an ipod that i really like... is there a way to transfer the entire playlist to an itunes folder rather than the other way around? so, then i can transfer it to multiple ipods later? rather than itunes playlist to ipod? the same, just the other way around? i have one ipod that has several really great playlists that i would like to have on other ipods (stupid of me not to establish the playlist on itunes first, i know)

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    I really don't think there's a native way to import ANYTHING FROM an iPod; just TO an iPod.

    Oh....and I found out the hard way that if you make a playlist in iTunes, then transfer it to your iPod, it transfers the songs was well...meaning that if the songs already exist in your iPod, you'll have extra copies taking up space.

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