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    i thought if you purchased songs (etc) on itunes, they would automatically download on different computers you have authorized, but it's not working out that way. what's the secret? i have 2 regular macbooks i use, but they i have to keep manually updating them with a memory stick... how do i get itunes to be equal on both computers without going to additional problems and transferring manually? (i just downloaded senuti) thanks...renee

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    Your downloads will only occur on one computer regardless of authorization. Authorization simply means that you can play the content you have already purchased on a particular machine.

    If you have two machines, one thing you can do is download to one machine, share your library and then play from another. Also, you can set it up to where two machines are pointing to the same library.

    There are many tips/tricks for using/sharing iTunes media on the web.

    Again, regardless of sharing, your media will only be downloaded once and then only from one machine.

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