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Thread: Looking for an electronic music creation program

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    Lightbulb Looking for an electronic music creation program
    I am just beginning my venture into creating my own tonal/techno music.
    I was wondering if someone would please give me direction as to which macbook pro music program would help me? I am looking for something like this with samples of sounds.

    I once played this playstation 2 game the description is below:

    Product Description:
    eJay Clubworld

    eJay Clubworld is an electronic music creation program allowing users to compose DVD-quality house, hip-hop, trance, acid, electro, reggae, techno, ambient, and drum'n'bass music.

    Eight international club locations are included (with different musical styles), and tips are provided by DJ Carl Cox. Users will be able to experiment with virtual turntables, take advantage of over 1000 samples, replay each track with a jukebox, and choreograph 3D graphics. A "jam mode" allows up to four users to compose simultaneously
    . ~ All Game Guide

    I am looking for something like this with samples of sounds.

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    Garageband - it's included with every Mac.
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    Ok don't use Garageband.
    A good app with a very large amount of samples and sounds is Reason and it is a great Music Production App I use it myself to produce.
    Also Ableton Live it does not have nearly as many built in sounds and samples but still is a good solid app.
    A more beginner approach would be to use FL Studio which is only for Win so would have to get an emulator I myself would never go through the trouble to use it on a Mac but i have used it alot and i no that it is a good approach for beginners.

    Also you really shouldn't judge an app on the amount of sounds and samples it comes with because there are many many sound banks you can get that you can use in any app some way or another.

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