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    mic make clicking noise
    when I record from garage band there is a clicking noise in the back ground of the recording. when I turn the volume up the noise gets louder but there is no clicking when I record from audacity. the same thing happens when I use an external mic. garage band is up to date. can anyone tell me how I can fix the problem.

    I have attached the audio(in a zip archive format) of what happens
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    It definitely has something to do with the sampling rate with garageband. I actually had the same exact problem with my old computer. Although I find it very odd that the clicking is coming exactly on tempo with the metronome.. weird. I would try resetting your computer (naturally) or reinstalling garageband. Are you using any plug-ins that didn't originally come of garageband?
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    That is just GarageBand's metronome, I think. Turn it off by pressing command-U in GarageBand.

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