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Thread: limewire won't work with Mac?

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    Nov 21, 2008
    limewire won't work with Mac?
    I've just had my Mac a little over a year and when I had my PC I used Limewire to download music to my mp3 player. I've tried installed Limewire for Mac but it won't open..just gives me an error message. So I tried installing Mojo and it won't open. Does anyone know of another music and video sharing site for Mac? Thanks so much!

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    I have a better idea. Instead of using those shady programs to download content illegally, you could use something better like the iTunes store.
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    It would seem that you missed this part of the Forum Rules/Community Guidelines:

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    I want to say thank you :)
    thanks for the replies about limewire. I wasn't aware you could use iTunes for that. Thanks! So even though you didn't like my question, I still got my answer. hahahahahahaaaaaaaa!

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