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djzeus 07-19-2009 04:30 PM

Itunes music library problem
I'm using a mac G5 and imported all my music into itunes onto an external hard drive which is set as my primary itunes music folder. It took ages to load all my music into itunes but I recently started having problems with the drive and need to send it in for repairs.

i bought myself another internal hard drive which i now want to use as my primary audio drive for all my music and productions and moved all my audio files from my external drive to my internal drive.
i went into itunes and changed the file destination to the new destination. i unplugged the external drive cause i want to send it away for repairs now but now have a problem with itunes refusing to play cause it can't detect the primary music folder.
once i plug the the external drive back in, it detects all my music and plays again (even though the destination is set to the new drive) but i don't want to use the old drive for music anymore.

in the new drive i deleted everything again, opened itunes, went to 'add to library' and imported all my files from my old drive. it does copy it but does not copy all cd names and track names etc and everything is a mess now.

i deleted itunes and re-installed it and now have a blank/new itunes. can anybody explain me how i can import all my music from my old drive to my new drive without me having to spend hours again inputting all text data myself. i'm hoping just to change the destination and play it as normal but it doesn't want to play along with me...

pls help, this would be much appreciated.


Kevriano 07-20-2009 07:09 AM

Now that you have a completely empty iTunes folder I would check that the iTunes library folder is where you want it, and simply drag the artists individually fro the external drive into the iTunes window. This should copy them to the new HD and library automatically.
If the files weren't properly tagged originally you will have to manually change them, because I have found no program that will do it for you.
For future reference, when you move the iTunes library to an external drive, you must consolidate the library from the file menu, otherwise when you tag stuff it doesn't alter in the core of the file, it just shows in the iTunes window as being correct.

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