Hello - this is my first post and I have a question that I hope I can get some opinions from some of you on:
I'm planning on buying a MacBook Pro to do music recording - after many years of running SONAR on PCs, I'm going to make a double leap to Macs and Pro Tools. I'm looking at refurbs as well as new models and I'm wondering how much difference processor speed (for example 2.4 GHz vs 3.06) makes in avoiding glitches, stutters and drop-outs, etc. Bear in mind that I do most of my work at 24-bit/48k and that I rarely, if ever, will exceed 18-24 tracks on a project. I plan on at least 4GB of RAM and a 7200 rpm drive in the machine - but I will actually be streaming the audio to a separate Glyph FireWire 400 hard drive.
Any thoughts would be appreciated, as well as any other musings about using Macs and Pro Tools. BTW - the reason I'm going with the MacBook is because i want to do some mobile recording. If the general consensus were that an iMac would be rugged enough to drag to the occasional gig, I would consider an iMac, which A) looks to have a pretty nice screen in that 24" model and B) looks to cost a bit less than a MacBook with similar specs, due to size, I'm guessing?
Thank you