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Thread: Best way to transfer music from old mac to new mac?

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    Question Best way to transfer music from old mac to new mac?
    Hey, so I had a powerbook g4 but I just got a macbook pro. I would like to transfer all of my music from the powerbook to the macbook. I've looked around and it seems like the best way to transfer the music is by using a firewire? I think I would need a 6 to 9 pin, but if that is wrong then please correct me! Is that the easiest way? Also, where can I find a cheap firewire as I will only use it once so I would rather not spend a lot of money. Thank you!

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    You can run Migration Assistant over an ethernet connection too. Just got a cable, and connect the two of em together. It's a little longer than firewire...but its FREEE!

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    Shaun, I am trying that...but when I restart my old mac and the firewire symbol comes up on my old mac, it wont let me continue. Like in the instructions it says "waiting for old mac to restart"...any ideas?

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