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Thread: Air Tunes - Does this actually work?

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    Air Tunes - Does this actually work?
    So I have an Air Port Express with the intention to use Air Tunes hooked up to my stereo. This is so hit or miss when it works. Sometimes it will play fine other times it will play 2 - 3 seconds then cut out come back in 5 - 7 seconds later other times just not come back.

    I have tried to adjust the wireless frequency from 1 to 11. Sometimes it works others it doesn't.

    This part is odd about 95% of my music library is .mp3 and for some songs one frequency will work but for other songs it doesn't. Should the actual .mp3 file affect the frequency that works best on itunes?

    When I go to the apple store I ask how air tunes works and they tell me how great it is and they have never had issues like I describe. The next step would be to bring in my stereo, router, air port express and show them exactly what is happening but I don't think it would fly bringing all the equipment. And i'm sure they will brush the reason why it doesn't work is because of the stereo or the fact that i am using a linksys router (non-apple products so of course they are the problem).

    Has anyone had problems using airtunes? Would some .mp3 work better than other on different frequencies? Does the quality of the .mp3 play a factor 128 vs 320?

    My system using the following MacBook (intel based) Linksys Wireless B Router, Air Port Express (excessively for air tunes), awia (yeah i know awia) shelf stereo.

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    Do you have IPV6 enabled in your network settings? If you don't AirTunes will not work.

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    Do you use any 2.4 GHz wireless phones? That could be interfering with your wireless communication to the Airport Express. I had problems with my wireless connection dropping out whenever the phone rang or someone called out, my wireless would drop or be severely affected. Once I upgraded to 5.8GHz phones my problems stopped. Since then I've upgraded to the "wireless friendly" DECT 6.0 phones and I still haven't had a repeat occurance.

    Likewise, since the switch to 5.8 GHz, my AirTunes has streamed flawlessly without any hiccup or interference at a distance of 40 ft to the base station, my model is the 802.11g.

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