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    Recording Live Stream Audio
    I am a new Mac (MacBook Pro) user and have some questions about recording live stream.

    With my various PC machines (both XP and Vista), I have recorded hundreds of GB of music off of the internet with Goldwave. Now that I have a Mac, I have switched to Audacity, a similar yet more simple audio capture software.

    With the PC's, the built in microphone was a separate audio input; with the Mac there is only one input and when I record live stream it also records ambient sound from the microphone input.

    Does anybody know how to remedy this situation? is there a setting to mute the microphone? Would a new sound card help with the situation? Could this simply be a software setting issue?

    What suggestions for software do you have for capturing live stream audio? Audio Hijack was suggested but I am still concerned about the microphone input issue.

    Secondly, does anyone have a suggestion for how to record without having to listen to it? Another way of asking would be is there a way to set the recording volume seperate from the main volume on the MacBook Pro?

    Thank you in advance


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    Wiretap Pro will do this

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    I figured it out on my own. Thank you.

    The issue was the single audio input that is offered stock with Mac's. After a bit of research, I downloaded Soundflower and it created a second audio output and input for Audacity. I simply changed the output to the 2ch soundflower setting, changed the input in Audacity to the 2ch soundflower setting and viola! the recording came out perfectly.

    It was a perfectly good solution and I didn't have to spend a dime.


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