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    ibook g3 - usb soundcard = better performance?
    So, I just ordered a sonica theater usb 7.1 audio card by m-audio. Does anyone know if it will give me better performance in reason 3.0 or even 2.5 than the on board audio? right now it is really laggy, and I think that is because the machine is trying to do too much. So, does anyone know if a USB sound card will give me better performance, or should i just sell the ibook and buy a powerbook.


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    I think the lagging is probably more due to the RAM, harddrive or processor than the soundcard.

    How much RAM do you have in there? If the RAM is full, the apps will try to access the much slower harddrive instead, which will cause choppiness and lags.

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    I have the ram maxed out at 640 mb. Is there any way to make reason utilize more ram?

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