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    Turntable Program
    Well I've been looking everywhere for a mac compatible free program that I can play around with scratching songs like on a turntable. I don't want anything fancy just something I can play around with. Anyone know of a program like this?

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    Traktor Scratch Pro is what I'm currently using although on a pc. But ALOT of dj's out there use it on a mac.

    Try also Serato Scratch I'm not sure if they have a demo version on their webby.

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    I don't think there are many free programs like one the one you are looking for!

    But there is Mixxx


    I would recommend Virtual DJ it's simple but also packs a lot of features and is great fun to use!

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    I think you can get a free demo of Traktor but thats about it. If you are talking about scratching with your mouse on your laptop that will work, but if you want to use a real turntable you will need Serato Scratch live or Torq. They both use special vynals and are pretty cool. I use Torq which runs about $250, serato 1 is about 350 and serato 3 (which lets you record live mixes on your laptop is about 700.

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