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    Apple loops in Logic 7.1.1
    So the problem is that I have all my Apple loops in the Folder Library>Audio>Apple loops>Apple, and the index folders in Library>Audio. I drag all the loop files into the loop browser in Logic, and they add, they show up fine. Next time I load up Logic and click on Loop browser, the box pops up saying that there are no Apple Loops installed on your system. But they are there in the Library>Audio>Apple loops>Apple folder. The only thing is, that there is nothing in the index folders, they are empty, i emptied them to try and reindex a load of new loops that I got, but I assumed that when you drag all the loops onto the browser, that the index files got rebuilt but that's not happened. Can anyone advise, as it's driving me loopy! Thanks in advance, Leo

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    Drag and drop does not index, you should use the index function internally.
    You may also want to delete the Logic .plist file.
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    Hi there and thanks for that, could you explain how to index internally, and where I can find the logic.plist file? Regards, Leo

    As a side note, when I reinstall Logic, all the bundled apple loops are indexed fine, but then when I drag all my Propack loops onto the browser, once theyve finished adding, the next time I start Logic, not only are the Propack loops unavailable, but the bundled loops are unavailable and the index file has disappeared
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