Hello Folks.

I set up a room in my house solely for listening to music. To this end I have also created a space in the cupboard under the stairs to accommodate my Mac G4. The idea being that eventually the cables going into the music room would be for the speakers.

To this end, I have dabbled with remote desktop and UltraVNC ( on a laptop unfortunately running xp ) initially, over a hard wired 10/100mb network going through a basic modem/router.

My questions are :


I tried using both Ultra VNC server & Apple remote desktop on OSX 10.4.11.
I found this to be laggy even on 100mb wired connection. Desktop on Mac running at 800x600 (no wallpaper etc). Any ideas?


I have decided that I want the Mac to actually play the music as it is linked up through a Soundblaster external 24-bit to a Sherwood digital amp which works very well. ( F.Y.I Creative does not support Apple OSX on this model but I plugged it in and it works in digital just stereo which is all need ).

Question is, I was thinking of using something like Winamp which I believe could be remotely controlled via network. However I don't think there is a version of Winamp for OS X. Given that I don't want to be playing the music locally on the laptop but remotely on the Mac. Can anyone else think of a solution which is quicker than Remote Desktop.

There..... I am sure I am not the first but I will admit I am a greenhorn when it comes to macs... put be in front of an AS400 or RS6000 I am fine :-)

The general idea or logic of it all is to create a space with not a lot of clutter or cables. Thus hiding everything away stops it getting mauled by the kids/kitten which has took a liking to the netting over the front of my speakers at present.