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    Podcasters! A couple of questions.
    A couple of friends and I are starting up an internet radio station and want to do a couple of podcast but I have some questions.

    First off, what program do you use? GarageBand? Audacity?

    Also, what do you use to record? Would a normal headset be efficient enough to record for beginners?

    Let me know!

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    Yes and yes

    I like garageband but audacity is a decent recorder. A good headset mic is all you really need. is a good resource. It might be a good idea to record some of the content for the radio station and release it as a podcast. Sort of like a primer or tease to get people to listen. Also not a bad idea to podcast popular content so people can listen on their schedule.

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    I run an internet radio station at my school. Nicecast is great software, and djay mixer is also nice. We kind of fell through on this, but Nicecast does allow for built in podcast archiving.
    Chris K.

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