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    Question Best method for recording electric guitar?
    I recently purchased a MacBook Pro, and I'd like to begin using GarageBand to record electric guitar tracks. However, I'm not really satisfied with the quality of GB's amp modeling, and my Line 6 TonePort doesn't really provide great tone either. Much to muddy and buzzy. I'm thinking of perhaps looking into a Line 6 POD or something similar. Or maybe I should just buy a nice firewire interface and mic my amps? Can anyone help me out here?

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    Buy a Male to female (1/8" to 1/4") plug and plug it into the audio in port on your MBP. Then use your amp cable and plug in, then go into GB and start a real instrument track and play.

    This man's video really helps.
    YouTube - Garageband setup with guitar
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    Line 6 Pod rocks, you'd be glad you got one.
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