I am on podcast 45 of Mac 20 Questions now and have been using AmadeusPro to edit my interviews that I record off Skype using WireTapStudio. Until recently I was using Garageband to turn the edited interview into a Podcast.

The last couple of podcasts I created using only AmadeusPro, and I am pleased with the process and the whole workflow of it. I highly recommend AmadeusPro for making podcasts and it is good for getting down to the waveform editing of any sound work. Martin told me in the interview that there are new things coming in future upgrades too.

You might be interested in looking at the Screencast I did for Martin Hairer the developer of Amadeus after I interviewed him on Mac 20 Questions, The screencast shows some of the basic functions of AmadeusPro.

I recently changed the way I used the microphone to record the podcast. I had been using my Samson C03U connected to my iMac but there is too much electrical noise in the office and I have not been getting close enough to the mic to get the full sound that is preferable.
I had become used to that sound but to my listeners it sounded distant and not as good quality as I was getting from most of my interviewees despite them coming from Skype.

To rectify this I have started to use my Behringer B02 studio mic connected to the Xenyx 1002 mixer more regularly and getting the right sound again. I have had to do this from the room upstairs and also to make a recording tent in the room, otherwise I would have had too much echo from the room acoustics.

Now I plan to use the Samson mic just for when I record outside in the field it is still a good mic.

Don't forget that if you would like to come on the Mac 20 Questions show and talk about how you use your Mac then contact me at mac20q@gmail.com - looking forward to hearing from you soon.