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    Making short song blurbs

    I am hoping to create short 10-15 second song blurbs, similar to the ones baseball players use when walking to the plate. I want to then save them as MP3s and burn them onto a CD to use during our softball games. The problem lies in that i have no idea how to just create the specific 15 second clip from a certain point in a song.

    Any help would be appreciated. can itunes or another Mac program help me do this?



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    You can do this and it's really easy!

    Open garageband and start a new project. You should probably name it " (song) clip", or something of the sort. Next, you'll need to open the finder and select what song you want to cut down- I'm guessing they're in your itunes folder- Music>itunes>itunes music folder.
    Now, just drag the mp3 file right into the garageband window. Upon starting, there should already be a software instrument track.
    Now you should see the song in a visual form. All you need to do is fin where you want the clip to start/end. Move the slider (that vertical red line) to where you want the clip to start and hit "Apple T". This should put a "split" in the song. do the same for where you want it to end. Then click on the beginning section (the section you don't want) and hit delete. Do the same for the end section. Then click/drag the remaining part all the way left so the clip plays when you start it.
    Finally, hit the "share" tab, and click "send to itunes.
    And there it will play right there in itunes, where you can drag it to a playlist to burn.
    It's a lot easier than it seems. But you have to do it for every song you want. It only takes a minute after you've figured out how to do it.
    If you have any difficulties just post it and we'll figure it out.

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    thanks, that was helpful and exactly what i needed. it turned out perfect.

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