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    Fade out/in on Logic Express 8
    Hi everybody

    I'm trying to figure out where can i find this option . i googled it and found a few answers .See attached image.

    Anyway i chouldn't find how to use fade out option .
    According to the web i should navigate to "mixer" and choose on "read" in the opening window but what should i do next ?
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    It depends what you mean by the "fade out" option. There isn't, to my knowledge (a basic user), a simple fade-out tool. Changes in volume all have to be controlled by the Automation screen.

    This is accessed by pressing "A" on Logic 8, and "V" on Logic 7. All the tracks will expand vertically. Create a fade-out by clicking on the horizontal black line on the track you are looking to control where you want the fade to begin, then clicking again where you want it to reach silence. Then click and drag the second dot or "Node" you created down as far as it will go (0dB is the standard level, minus infinity is silence)

    Kinda hard to explain. But automation is an essential tool and I recommend you experiment with it and research it further.

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