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    Mac Pro Optical Out To Logitech Z-5500 Digital Optical In
    will it work?

    Moving from a Dell XPS 600 with an PCI Creative Soundblaster card and looking for a little more info on the Mac Pro sound card.

    I know that the optical in/out with the toslink cable will provide the highest quality. Is the Mac Pro sound card able to push this set of speakers? Comparatively like the Soundblaster card I'm currently using.

    Waiting for the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 285 graphic card update before purchasing the;
    Mac Pro
    8 Core
    Two 2.26 Processors
    12 GB RAM
    1 TB HD Bay one
    1 TB HD Bay two
    two 18x Super Drives
    1 30" Display
    Wireless Mouse and Keyboard

    Looking forward to joining the Mac family

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    The source (whether a sound card, CD player, DVD player, etc.) has nothing to do with whether you have enough power to "push" a set of speakers. The ampllifier is what drives the speakers and the Z-5500 has it's own amp which is a part of the control center and provides 505 watts per Logitech's overview page.
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