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    Making Drum Beats
    I live in an apartment, so drums aren't really an option now and I can't afford electronic ones. What's a good program to make good rock drum and occassionally hip hop drum beats? I know that Garageband has the MIDI sequencing option, but I can't really get it to sound right. I'd like some double bass and things of that nature, but I'm having a heckuva time. Anyone with suggestions for a good program or how to do it in Garageband? Thanks!
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    Get a drummer to record you some backing tracks? Or send your ideas to one for him to record to may be better.
    Oh where may you find a drummer though? Hmmm
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    For rock/metal drums I suggest looking into getting EZ Drummer with the Drum Kit from upgrade pack. All the samples were done by Tomas Hakke from Meshuggah at the Dugout in Gothenberg so it sounds amazing. It has some really awesome loops if you need loops. Here's some tracks I did with it playing an electronic kit hooked up to my iMac via a MIDI to USB cable, it was all done in Garageband:

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    For hip-hop, there are already some decent loops built into GB, just look through the loop browser!

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    iDrum is pretty cool

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