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    Need some opinions on my music
    Hey guys,
    If you any of you guys have a couple minutes, or are just plain bored, I recorded and posted a couple of my songs online -
    The Sight of Sane on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads
    I played/recorded everything, except the vocals- my friend sang because I can't
    Everything was recorded on my MBP on garageband '08. The first song is mixed a lot better than the second.

    Let me know your opinions, and thank you for dedicating your time!

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    Sounds not too bad. I did notice some difference between the mixing in the 1st vs 2nd songs. I haven't experimented too much with recording, but from a listening perspective the drums could be brought out a tad more, and maybe some more bass (if you have a bass guitar?)—don't kill it with bass though, good when used wisely!

    -Happy trails!

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    The switching between screaming and normal tone is not going well with me. I personally think it would be better to switch to a different tone for a certain part of a song. For example, the vocals in the song Botnus AFTER the solo really show what I am talking about.

    What I REALLY like about the singing is it doesn't sound like Fall Out Boy and similar sounding bands. I listened to it and thought "something different. I LIKE IT". So A++++ with that.

    It's hard to hear the riffs for me, maybe turn it up?

    Good luck finding a second guitarist!!


    Bass Guitar
    Reading, seems you are looking for a bass guitarist. Good luck with that, too! It will add depth to the music

    All you need is a second guitarist and a bass guitarist, and higher volumes. Work with the singing a bit, and it should be AWESOME.


    Good luck with your playing and ROCK ON \m/

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