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    Question Looking for software that will create and produce music
    Hi, sorry if i'm posting this in the wrong place or it's been answered a million times already

    Basically, i'm trying to decide what software to buy. I'm about to upgrade my ancient ibook G4 to a shiny new macbook. i'm looking for software that will let me create mixes and also experiment with producing my own music (mostly of an ambient / glitchy / electronica style). my only experience of using music software on the mac was messing about with cubase about 10 years ago. i'm now totally bewildered by all the choices out there, and would really appreciate any advice from you guys. p.s. i don't want to bankrupt myself!

    thanks for taking the time to read this

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    Garageband is ok. If you get the Toast 10 Pro package it comes with Sonicfire included, and while I haven't played with it at all, it has an absolute stack of samples included, so would be something worth looking at. I don't know how much it costs, but as Toast is around £120 (unless you know where to look ) I would imagine much less.
    Here's a link to the softwares site:

    SmartSound Sonicfire Pro 5 - Overview
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    If a budget is no problem at all, Logic Pro 8 and Ableton Suite 8 are pretty much everything you'd ever need.

    However, a much cheaper solution would be Reaper (REAPER | Audio Production Without Limits). Reaper is a uncrippling shareware DAW (digital audio workstation), quite similar to Cubase but I find it more flexible.

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    thanks for the ideas guys, i think i'll give reaper a go, at least until i can save up for something like ableton

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