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    Changing Audio/Middi Devices in my Mac
    Hi all,

    I'm new here so I hope my tread is in the right place.

    Some weeks ago i'm owner of my first Mac Pro 15"

    I don't know much about computers...
    A few weeks ago I bought meself a Virtual Vinyl timecode mix program from Numark.

    I can't get it work, so I asked help on the VDJ forum.
    A guy told me after sending him a screen shot of the situation I had to change my Audio/Middi Devices.
    You can see het here VIRTUAL DJ SOFTWARE - skyfxl's blogs

    But if I go to aplications (in dutch I think systeemvoorkeuren) and then go to Audio, I get whole different settings.
    How do I get the settings I need, where do I look or do I need a special update?



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    You're going to 'System Preferences > Audio'.

    Instead you need to go to:
    Applications > Utilities > Audio midi Setup.

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    Hi Aptmunich,

    Thanks for your fast reply!
    I found it!!!

    Thank You very much for the help!


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    Hi Aptmunich,

    I have different settings, I made some screen shots about how my settings looks.
    Language is Dutch, in de Audio I have 3 options in the "Properties For".
    Build In Mic
    Build In Input
    Build In Output

    No Aggregate Device!

    And Midi is also different...



    Can I do something about this?



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