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    mp3 Data Disc- Issue With
    I'm getting ready for a long trip, across the US. My GM truck has a CD player that reads mp3s and plays as audio, seems to read them quite well. I have a batch of mp3s that it just won't read, no matter how I try, even though they play in iTunes or QuickTime perfectly well. Burning these as audio would be very cumbersome; they are sometimes two or more hours, and many, many of them.

    I tried burning fewer to a disc (they show up as tracks), only 8 or 12 but that seemed to make no difference. It reads each track's name, but then says error and doesn't play. I tried burning a data disc from iTunes instead of Toast, but it still doesn't like them. If iTunes is playing the file, doesn't it have a reference in my iTunes Library in which it rendered the file to its own format? Could i try burning that? If this happened to you, what might you try to get around it?

    Thanks for any replies.
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    Not sure what your problem is, but i used to burn cd's of mp3's for the cd player in my Peterbuilt diesel and they worked just fine. I would burn them as data files not audio and you could get a bunch of them on a cd. I could drive for hours and hours without ever having to switch disks.
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