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    How to add certain music files to itunes library
    Hey there,

    can someone please help me im so confused with itunes and files on my macbook (im new to mac btw). So i downloaded 3 albums from ********* and one of them worked, but the rest didnt and i think it may be the mac. I have downloaded from this website many many times but onto a PC. What usually happens is you download the file directly from rapid share onto your PC then once the file is downloaded, you find the file usually on your desktop right click and click on extract file and the file becomes a proper music file that you open on windows media player or you can add to your itunes library by adding a folder. When i try to do this on my macbook the file cannot open in itunes or quick time and the file is a document which is strange. How do i change this file so i can add it to my itunes. Or is the problem that the music files being shared on album fire are only for PC? but wouldnt mac have come up with something so this doesnt happen? Please help me!

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    The site you referenced is a haven for illegal downloads.
    This forum will not allow discussion of such activity.
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    We want you to share, but don’t link images or files from 3rd-party servers unless you have their permission.
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