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    Question Trying to convert and burn a CD of podcasts
    Although I am not a Switcher or a newbie I have an elementary problem, that I need help with.

    Trying to convert and burn a CD of This American Life podcasts to play in my car. Have no IPod but have ITunes 8 on Mac OS X.

    I have created .aif versions of the MP3s and

    1. tried to burn them to a CD with no success, with ITunes.
    2. copy and paste directly to CD..then burn the disk in Finder no success.
    3. download an application to convert and burn, BurnX, with no success.
    4. Also tried a wav file with no success.

    The software will convert to the aif file and looks as if it is burning to the
    disk, but there seems to be no readable file for the CD player to recognize.
    All I get is static.

    Is there a trick to doing this or is it not possible to transfer commercial podcast MP3s to aif for CD listening.

    Thanks so much!

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    You could try making the extension AIFF, as that is Apples default CD rip format. If you have just aif they won't work.
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    Unfortunately that did not work either. I have been moving these files out of
    ITunes and into a separate folder. I noticed that when I moved them the .aif
    extension is there but when I look at the info in Finder the Kind says AIFF AUDIO FILE. That seems odd.

    Thanks anyway, appreciate it.

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    This is a pretty simple thing to do, and it sounds to me like you're making it harder than it should be.

    Follow this link.. Click "Subscribe." Click the Subscribe button when it asks you to confirm. Wait for it to download. Click Podcasts in the right-hand pane. You should see This American Life there.

    Make a new playlist for your CD. (File > New Playlist) and give it a name. Go back to Podcasts, and drag the episode into the playlist you made. Go back to the playlist. Click Burn Disc. Choose "Audio CD" and insert a CD-R.

    There is no need to worry about AIFF or MP3 or any other file format. There is no need to use any program but iTunes.

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