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    I love my HK soundsticks, wouldn't trade them for anything, best sound & the bass is awesome..

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    Dec 11, 2008
    Lost all audio from my Soundsticks after a couple of months. Turned out to be a dodgy connection with the multipin I think. Disconnected everything and put it back together with no strain on the wires and it's been fine eversince

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    Nov 18, 2014
    I had the same problem—the sound on my Harman Kardon soundsticks cut out for no apparent reason. I could hear them very quietly playing but adjusting the volume did nothing. It turned out one of the pins inside the connector that attaches the speaker with the volume controls to the subwoofer was bent so it wasn't plugging in properly. I straightened it with pliers and everything works again! Just wanted to share a permanent fix, since I almost unnecessarily trashed my speakers.

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    Red face Harman Kardon soundsticks
    Quote Originally Posted by Peerke View Post
    I know this is an old thread but since it's the first hit on google and therefore probably the most viewed, I'd like to dig it up by adding a comment.

    Perhaps this is really obvious but what has helped me was checking if the volume on one of the speakers is turned on. Somehow (aliens) the volume of the speakers was turned down and I couldn't hear a thing. After pushing the plus button repeatedly I could hear music again.

    You're a life saver! Can't believe I didn't notice the little + and - symbols on the right soundstick! Bought these secondhand so no manual. Thanks again.

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    same solution
    I reached the same solution as amandyrae -- check your right speaker cable connector for bent pins -- if they get misaligned they won't meet with the socket properly and will either stop working (cannot change volume) or short out the volume up & volume down pins (mutes system).

    They're getting pretty old, so I had my fingers crossed bending the pin back!

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