Hey guys, made my account for this post but I knew this was the place to go. I have recently gotten more serious with my music production, been messing around a WHILE with garage band and my simple m audio keyboard. But now I've started to dip into logic, two months or so, and am looking to start getting serious. What I am told is that the first step is a no-latency interface, and a friend recommended the FA 101 firewire.
I am running on a new unibody macbook pro so...now firewire 400. That's fine and dandy with most plug ins as I have a converter but I have heard of some interfaces not being compatible. So my question is what do you guys think? Am I given the right info, is this the next step. Is the FA 101 a decent interface and most importantly does anyone know if it is backwards compatible with the firewire 800 as I am not looking to fork out the price of one of the Firewire 800 interfaces, $1,000+ Well thanks guys sorry for the long post.