Hello All,

I am a real newbie to Logic Express and Applescript, ( literally started 2 Saturdays ago ) but look forward to the joys, trials and tribulations. Just bought the Sal Soghoian book, and its already dog-eared.
I am very familiar with other audio programs and basic programming.
I am presently working on a project that uses Logic Express to provide an 8 zone multitrack audio playback scenario, that is to say playing a randomly selected audio track from a list of 10-12 audio montages each of 2 minute duration.
Trigger is from a Passive Infrared Detector, using Indigo automation software to trigger an Applescript.
Logic Express is not scriptable except via GUI Scripting ( According to the Applescript Book by Sal Soghoian)
So far, I have been not had any success in the use of GUI scripting on Logic Express 8.
Specifically, the following script :


activate application "Logic Express"

tell application "System Events"

>>tell process "Logic Express"

>>>> delay 1

>>>> tell button 11 of window 1 to perform action "AXPress"

>>end tell

>> tell process "Logic Express"

>>>>delay 1

>>>>tell button 6 of window 1 to perform action "AXPress"

>>end tell

end tell

Button 11 is the "return to beginning"button

Button 6 is the "play" button

the delay command slows things down so can observe the Logic Express 8 window to see the commands being executed.

What happens is that the application opens, it becomes the frontmost app, and I can see the actual buttons changing color on the Logic Express window indicating buttons are pressed, but nothing happens - playback does not start.

Manually Clicking the button with the mouse starts playback, but not with the script ?

Am I misunderstanding something here ? or is Logic Express realy not scriptable by GUI scripting ?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. ( Please be gentle on this Newbie )

Best Regards


Model: MBPro, 2.5Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo, 4GigRam, 200G HD

AppleScript: Script Editor 2.2.1

Browser: Safari 525.27.1

Operating System: Mac OS X (10.5)