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    Whats up,

    I'm in the process of setting up my own home studio for recording/producing hip hop music, but I have a few questions..

    My current set up is as follows:

    Mac OS X (obviously)
    Behringer B2030A Monitor Speakers
    Edirol UA-25 Audio Interface
    Rode NT1-A Condenser Mic
    Roland PC-300 Keyboard MIDI Controller
    Logic Pro 8 Studio
    Numark HDX Turntables & Mixer

    Anyway, here's my question..

    Im looking at buying a Behringer Xenyx 802 Mixer.
    Is this necessary when I already have the UA-25 Interface?
    Can the two be used together? if so, how?

    I only use the one mic, and only record vocals which I then lay over a beat.



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    Apr 03, 2009
    Basically all I'm asking, is wether a mixer is necessary when you have an audio interface with microphone inputs? Whats the benefits / disadvantages?

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    Imac 20" 1.9ghz PPC 2gb Ram,250gb HD
    usually mixers have alot more options when it comes to inputs/outputs,pitch levels,etc
    as you can see the difference between your interface and that behringer u want...

    also depend on what your plugin in too...if just your mic and your monitors, then that inteface should be good

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    Alot people like to feel they need a mixing desk, because big studios have them etc. But the truth is, all they are is an extra thing to add to your signal chain. It will basically pass the signal through the desk into your interface. Rather than you at the moment passing the signal straight into your interface.

    People, when in recording situations like to use mixers because you can easily monitor and control your I/O's, rather than stare at your virtual mixer and click on each channel, or have to fiddle about with a separate window on screen, while your recording.
    Your interface can do everything you need, and is smaller than a mixer.

    I would personally save your money and use it to discover what you need in order to make better songs. e.g. Mic?,Preamp?,Monitors?

    Just stick with making music on basic equipment, I started out with just a mac, logic and a midi keyboard. And slowly started to buy things I needed.
    Now I have a modest home studio where I can record 16 simultaneous tracks, I have lots of expensive mics, plenty of outboard racks and have acoustically treated my room after about 5 years of making music in there.

    After making music for a while your get a better idea of what could make your music sound better. And be able to make purchases on that basis.

    Hope thats helped.


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    Answered everything i needed to know. Thanks heaps!

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