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    getting sound after converting to DV
    ok, i bought quicktime pro so that i could convert my mpeg2 files to DV, so then i can then use it in iMovie. I got that down and it works fine, the problem is i loose the sound when converting to DV.

    How do you guys suggest ripping the sound off the original mpeg? also is there setting i missed while converting it to DV, or does DV not support sound in a single file?

    thanks for all the furture help,

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    ok im retarded, please ignore anything i say. I didnt see it under the advanced tab.

    yes i am a noob, but thanks anyway

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    ok i have the audio underneath the video but when i play the video i still get no sound. I know there was sound on the original mpeg, but even though i extracted the audio from the DV i still hear nothing.

    i have the volumes up and still cant hear anything, any ideas?


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