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    drag and drop multiple folder

    I have about 6000 music folders in an external hard drive which I wish to drag and drop into into my iTunes.

    However, if I "select all" folders, it is not possible for me to drag and drop all folders into iTunes. Whenever I attempt this, all folders chosen de-select and I am left with only one folder able to be dragged and dropped.

    I can manually drag and drop each folder into iTunes, and have been doing so, but for obvious reasons this is not my preferred solution.

    Anyone had a similar problem or no of a solution. I'm guessing there must be an obvious answer?

    Many thanks,

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    Sounds like you might be clicking more than once after doing the Select all.

    Do a select all, left click and hold, then drag to iTunes. Do NOT left click, release then click and hold.
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    I think you're right (or should that be "left"). Also, I wasn't clicking and holding down on the icon. Stupid me.

    Thanks, you've saved me a lot of time.

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