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    exporting music from an old iMac to iPod
    I'm having trouble exporting music from my old iMac (OSX 10.3.9) to my 3rd generation iPod nano..

    The iPod was originally used on another computer with windows.. When i try to restore it, i get an error message: An unknown error occured (1418)

    I can't update iTunes 7 because the new version requires OSX 10.4.9 or newer

    Anyone know how i can put my music on the iPod without getting a new operating system?

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    I'm not a very Ipod savvy person, but perhaps i can help a little bit. i do know that you cannot sync an ipod with windows and then update the library from a mac computer or the other way around. What i would suggest you do is reformat that Ipod. Im not completely sure how to do it on the nano because i never owned one, but i know there is a certain button command to do. it might be hold play and menu at the same time for 3 seconds?? if not, or you cant find the combination, you can go into the settings on the ipod (physically on the ipod, not the computer) and there should be a "restore factory settings" option. this makes the ipod operate as if you were to take it right out of the box. then you have to plug it into the new mac and sync it. Just remember you cant sync an ipod from a different type of computer (mac or windows). You would think you would be able to right?
    I hope you got something out of that, i know it's frustrating... ive been through many ipods. Good luck!

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    It's worth a shot, thanks!

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    When I go to Settings & Reset Settings it doesn't erase the music or video, just the language, levels etc.

    Holding down Menu and Play doesn't do anything either..

    When I first connect the iPod to the computer a warning comes up saying i've inserted a disk that cannot be read, in addition to the warning that says it's been corrupted.. Even if I restore the iPod, will my computer be unable to 'read' it?

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    Try some of the proposed solutions here (ignore the update to newest version since you can't).

    Depending on the OS you are running, iTunes will format the iPod accordingly (HFS+ if done on a Mac, FAT32 if done on Windows). OS X does not have a problem reading/writing to FAT32 but iTunes may have a problem recognizing it.

    I'm trying to remember if I reformatted my iTouch when I got my Mac (coming from Windows). I may have as I had transferred my library to a new computer.
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