Hi. I recently converted to an Imac. Before that, on my XP machine, my music player identified tracks by the file name. Since moving to the Imac I have had to undergo a really arduous task of updating all the tags so iTunes can read them. I bought Jaikoz to help me with this.

Problem is, I've finished now and all the tags in Jaikoz look consistent - correct track, correct album and artist and so on. However, when I import the songs to iTunes, the following happens:-

1. A complete album by Vanessa Mae appears in iTunes split between "Vanessa Mae" and "Compilations". I can't see any information at all in the tag in Jaikoz that indicates this is a compilation. Also, when I "Get Info" in iTunes, again there is no indication this is a compilation. How do I stop this?

2. For the compilations I do have, I call the artist "Various". On a couple of albums, despite all the tags looking correct, when the album appears in iTunes, certain tracks (not all) appear in the artist list as "Various", so I have "various" listed in the artist window several times and where it appears in the list (alphabetically) is linked to the original recording artist. So a song by Pink would be listed under the artist called "Various" but this would be listed in the artist list in the place where Pink would come alphabetically.

I hope I've explained that clearly. The tags for artist, album and track are all correct. I'm wondering if it is anything to do with extended tag information that has been applied by Jaikoz when data has been obtained from MusicBrainz?

Any help would be gratefully received.